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My family and I have been trusting all four of our vehicles to Brodie's for over 20 years.  They have enabled us to have one vehicle with over 235,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.  Part of the family has moved to Sacramento but still returns to Brodie's for any necessary work. Great knowledge, fair honest prices, no sales jobs to inflate prices, all-around good guys.  

Russ N, Petaluma, CA
I was referred here by my brothers girlfriend whose family has been going for years. Everything she said was true. I first called to ask some questions about my car and they were very informative and I didn't feel rushed. I then took my car in for a consultation knowing my car needed a lot of work! They came back with their findings and I was not surprised. Because I am on a budget, they helped me prioritize what needed to be done immediately without being persistent that it all needed to be done at once. They were never pushy or tried to add on "extra" work to my car. I made an appointment to get my tires done first. They did it while I waited which took at most an hour. Their prices for tires was the lowest I had found. I am very satisfied with the result. Chad is very personable and helped me plan what should be next. I will always drive from Marin to their shop. I am a customer for life now. Its hard to find a shop/mechanic that doesn't take advantage of females and are customer oriented.  

Brittney A. Novato, CA
Come here for car work, you will be pleased with their honest opinions. Ask for Bobby he is great and will get you in there quickly!

Anonymous Petaluma, CA
I have been bringing my cars and trucks to Brodie's for years, on the referral of a friend. Gary and his staff have been very honest, helpful and obliging. They had spent weeks trying to figure out the problem with one of my cars that even the dealership couldn't figure out. They eventually found the issue and corrected it - never charging me for many of the hours they dedicated to attempting to find the problem. This was something the dealership was certainly not willing to do.

In 2007, I purchased a new car from the above mentioned dealership and they were hellbent on selling me an extended warranty - which I did purchase for the coverage it would provide me on the computers in these new cars. The following year I got a divorce and took my maiden name back. I was bringing this car to the dealership for servicing and had more important things on my mind than the warranty. However, on every work order it clearly stated that I had a warranty and it showed it's effective date and expiration date. When I recently brought the car to the dealership, they told me I needed some extensive and expensive work done on it. They never mentioned the warranty or what it would cover, nor did they look into this warranty that they pushed so hard to sell me.

I decided to bring the car to Brodie's for a second opinion and the folks at Brodie's took the extra step of contacting the warranty company and letting me know that the work was covered under my warranty. They saved me a couple thousand dollars by setting up the claim and then doing the work in a timely and efficient manner. They also told me that my warranty covered a rental car while the work was being done. This is something that the dealership NEVER took the time to do. When I questioned them, they said the warranty was in my ex-husbands name and the claims were being rejected. They never informed me of this so I could change the name on it, yet Brodie's did. I was able to correct the issue with the warranty company and will now bring all my vehicles to Brodie's, regardless of what I am told by a dealership regarding warranties only covering work performed at a dealership.

Furthermore, I will continue to recommend Brodie's to any and everyone I know that has a car or motor vehicle ( which is mostly everyone over 16). Thanks for going the extra mile and exceeding run of the mill customer service. You guys are stellar, upstanding folks and continue to prove that over and over again.  

Karen S. Petaluma, CA
We get my wife's car serviced here regularly. Excellent knowledgeable people. Very willing to help with issues. Sometimes we stop With simple questions they always take the time to answer them. And inspect anything on the car that we ask always very truthful of whether something needs to be done or not. Not just trying to make a dollar on every sale. Genuinely very helpful. Would strongly recommend this company to anybody.

William O. Petaluma, CA
By far the best service, prices and honesty out of an auto repair shop I have ever seen. Not only is the team genuine, fun and knowledgable but the prices are affordable and realistic. They won't take advantage of you and go into full length and detail to make sure the work is 100%. I moved to SF a year ago and still bring my car over along with refer all of my friends. Highly recommend.  

Bridgette D. Rohnert Park, CA
It's time for my 120,000 mile service on my Toyota. The quote is half the dealership estimate. I take the car in. Everybody is friendly and fun. The work was finished ahead of time and when I got the bill it was even less than the estimate. They will have my business for good. We will most likely take all of our vehicles there.

Lee S. Petaluma, CA
This place is absolutely wonderful! As a college student I've been struggling to find a mechanic in the area that would not take advantage of me and my lack of knowledge in this field, after a long search I found Brodie's! I needed 4 new tires and 2 new front struts for my 2001 Hyundai Elantra, along with some technical problems I had (all windows but drivers would not go down and the cigarette lighter did not work) so I called to get an estimate before making an appointment. When I told David that I was from San Mateo county and had previously gone into a mechanic and got quoted $1,500, he automatically assured me that they could give me a better deal. At the end of the appointment my total came to $1,029. I obviously was a very very happy customer at this point and became even happier when David mentioned they fixed my windows and cigarette lighter at no extra cost! This will definitely be my new automotive care family for when I'm in the area and can't imagine being any happier with any other mechanic in the area.  

Haley N. Montara, CA
After suffering bad treatment, misdiagnoses, and paying exorbitant rates at North Bay dealerships and repair establishments, I came to Brodie's Tire & Brake Repair 10 years ago.  While their name shows that they specialize in tires and brakes, I use them for any mechanical issues they agree to handle.  I have never been disappointed with their work, attitude or pricing.  One of our Jeeps has 380,000 miles.  Although, I have a good grasp of car issues, there have been several times where they told me that my car did not need the service I was requesting and several times when what looked like a major issue turned out to be something minor.  In short, these guys are ethical and they treat you like you went to high school with them.

Royce L, Cotati, CA
My family and I have been trusting all four of our vehicles to Brodie's for over 20 years.  They have enabled us to have one vehicle with over 235,000 miles on it and it is still going strong.  Part of the family has moved to Sacramento but still returns to Brodie's for any necessary work. Great knowledge, fair honest prices, no sales jobs to inflate prices, all-around good guys.  

Russ N, Petaluma, CA
I would never take either of my cars anywhere else.  I have a mom mobile and a sports car.  This isn't just a tire and brake shop.  They do everything.  And they are HONEST.  I have one car with over 100,000 on it that runs like new due to the care and quality service I have received at Brodie's.  And my faster car, which has a tendency to need tires because I drive it like I stole it, ROCKS because of the help from the guys at Brodie's.  I can't help it; I just keep running into things.  I don't fix cars, I don't understand them, and I don't want to get ripped off.  I NEVER have to worry about that at Brodie's.  They are so good I even brought them cookies.  And I don't even like people!  But this group is special.  Oh, and Mike is wickedly cool.  And, sure, Ben isn't exactly hard on the eyeballs...but seriously?  Have you seen the guys in the shop?  Makes me yearn for younger days.  All joking aside, great shop, great service, quality work, fair pricing. I drive my most valuable possessions in my car (my family).  I don't want half a job; I want the RIGHT job.  The eye candy is just an extra bonus. And you could tell the owner a "Boys of Brodie's" Calendar might be in order! It could be given as a thank you gift to long-term, loyal clients. (I'm just sayin'.)

Heidi K, Petaluma, CA
One of the few places I would say you can trust.  They are a great group of guys in there.

Edward G, Mill Valley, CA
I would never take my car anywhere else.  Seriously, if I had my car in the city and it wouldn't start, I'd wait till the weekend, get it jumped and then drive that sucker to Brodie's just so they could fix it.   And I'd be damned if I let any one else touch my car for my annual.  These guys are living proof that loyalty and good relationship pays...they are great mechanics besides being great guys.  So here's the story.  I took my car in for its 100k tune-up that ended up coming out to $800 (had other stuff done, too, don't remember what).  3 weeks later something busted.  I took my poor baby in freaking out about cost, as I was unemployed.  They had this car for a good two days before they figured out what was wrong with it.  Firs.t they thought it was the alternator so they replaced that and it still wasn't working properly. Then they figured out it was something in the computer.  I say cool, whatever, just please fix it and give me the bill so I can get on with my heart attack. They spent easily 6 hours diagnosing my car and didn't charge me for the labor.  Not only that, but they took out the new alternator and put the old one back in and didn't charge me for that since technically it wasn't the problem.  If I have to go into credit card debt over a piece of metal that I hate having to maintain, I'm glad it's going to them.

Alexis B, San Francisco, CA
A wonderful pothole in Petaluma destroyed my rim and tire on my Acura TL.  The cost for a new rim was over $500.  John, at Brodie's, searched E-Bay and called me with a new rim for $129.  They also gave me a great deal on a tire to replace the ruined tire as well.  They didn't have to give that kind of service, but they did!  I am a customer for life now. 

Ken Kelly, Petaluma, CA
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